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31 August 2008

Watch Gustav coverage live online

Click here for full, live WDSU coverage.

Some Louisiana parishes could get 14-feet of water

I was just listening to and watching WDSU-TV in New Orleans—as I have the last two days—and it's frightening to hear some of the statistics about what Hurricane Gustav could bring to the area. One estimates there will be up to 14-feet of water in some of the parishes [counties] in the New Orleans area. Folks, I'm not so sure people of this area realize just how devastating this storm could be.

And if you think it might not be all that bad, figure this: President Bush and Vice President Cheney are skipping this week's Republican National Convention in favor of monitoring the storm—and there's talk the RNC may turn into a massive fundraising-telethon type event instead of the usual political speeches.

If this doesn't illustrate the seriousness of what's about to happen, nothing will.

Below, images of Katrina—images that could again be realistic in a day or two.

30 August 2008

Businesses ready for Gustav

Here are a few photos from New Orleans, where businesses are prepping for Gustav much quicker and more more efficiently than they did in 2005 with Katrina and Rita.

La. Lt. Gov: Get out!

I was just watching the NBC New Orleans affiliate talking to the lieutenant governor of Louisiana—and his message was rather frank: Residents should get out. The storm, Gustav, may hit New Orleans in its most vulnerable locations, Mitch Landrieu said on WDSU New Orleans.  Residents who can't get out because they're without a car can take buses that are picking people up in as many as 17 locations.

During the interview, there was talk of this storm being the storm of the century. That should exemplify just how strong it might be, especially in light of the devastation Katrina and Rita caused in the area.

If you pray, this might be a good time to offer one up for the people down there—it's not going to be pretty.

Gustav 'As bad as it gets'

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal says Hurricane Gustav could be "as bad as it gets," and it could be worse—imagine this—than Hurricane Katrina was. If you're curious as to what's happening in Louisiana, you can watch live, online news from New Orleans by clicking here.

If you happen to be in the New Orleans area, click here for the Hurricane Preparedness Guide.

Finally, click here to watch a series of videos on a safe evacuation from a hurricane.

Gustav now a Category 4 storm

Maybe, just maybe, the feds have learned a lesson. Hurricane Gustav is now a Category 4 storm, prompting more and more people along the Gulf Coast to head inland, including many from New Orleans. Gustav hits three years exactly after Hurricane Katrina. We'll being you more on Gustav as needed. Click here, meanwhile, for CNN coverage of the storm

Get your Shea Seats here!

Seats from Shea Stadium are still available for $869 a pair. Believe it or not, the orange and blue seats are already sold out. Now if the Mets are getting $869 a pair [86 & 69, their two championship years], can you imagine what the Yanks will get for their seats with 26 championships?

29 August 2008

Get out or you're on your own

On the third anniversary of the landfall of Hurricane Katrina, the City of New Orleans is once again preparing for what could be a deadly storm in Hurricane Gustav—only this time, there will be no Superdome.  The Associated Press says police will be canvassing neighborhoods warning residents to get out—or face being on their own.

The report says residents who remain against the evacuation warning will be under curfew. If they're found on the street, they'll be immediately arrested.

Click here for the full report.

Below: CBS News Video report on the storm.

Watch CBS Videos Online

McCain's bad decision with Palin

When John McCain announced today he picked Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to be his vice-presidential running mate, you could almost hear a collective shout across the country.

What?!? Who?
That's right, folks. McCain picked Alaska's governor, a woman, to be his running mate. McCain chose the governor of Alaska to be one breath away from the presidency. He chose a woman who was mayor of a town in Alaska that had no more than 6,000 residents. He picked a woman whose state, population wise, is one of the smallest in the entire country.
And yet, most of today, I've been left to wonder: Where on earth is the outrage over this?

At the very least, James Danforth Quayle, vice president under Bush 41, had experience in the United States Senate. Palin, meanwhile, has about as much experience in politics as you or I do. And yet, God forbid, if McCain is elected, and if he's unable to serve out his term for whatever reason, Palin becomes the President of the United States of America.

Which leads me to wonder: Is ice fishing now a prerequisite for the vice presidency? Is having a license to carry a gun for hunting a prerequisite for the vice presidency? Is having experience governing fewer than 1 million people a prerequisite for the vice presidency?

Apparently, ask McCain and the answer is yes. And yet, though he wants the American people to believe Palin is an experienced, worldly politician who would, as he said, do well as the president, McCain completely forgot something today when he made this announcement.

The American people — the smart ones, at least — will see right through this national disgrace.
Lately, McCain has found time to call out Barack Obama over his experience. Because he's done this, Palin is now fair game on the same topic.

I don't care if you're a Republican or Democrat, you have to admit side by side, Palin's experience pales in comparison to Obama's. Yes, Obama has served just three-plus years in the Senate. But can you believe this? Are we supposed to believe Palin's selection was anything BUT a ploy to try to get women who would have voted for Hillary Clinton to vote for him? Could it be any clearer McCain's choice of Palin can be directly attributed to the diversity that has made this election season the most intriguing of a generation?

My goodness — the people of America should be outraged by all of this.
Yet conservative pundits say Palin is a good choice because she's pro-life.

Last time I checked, so was Mitt Romney —  and so was Mike Huckabee. So why Palin for any other reason than to win over disgruntled Hillary voters?

"She's exactly who this country needs to help me fight the same old Washington politics of me first and country second," McCain said. "She's got the grit, integrity, good sense and fierce devotion to the common good that is exactly what we need in Washington today."

Does she really? How does McCain know this? Last time I checked, McCain hadn't even been to Alaska to campaign. And Palin—now that's not all too common a name on TV news. Palin?

McCain can spin this however he'd like. But the bottom line remains that McCain clearly picked her for all the wrong reasons.

Now in all seriousness, I ask ... especially to supporters of McCain ... can McCain honestly, now, run a single TV ad critical of Obama's experience?

All he has to do is look around him now when he and Palin hit the campaign tour — and Minnesota next week for the Republican National Convention.

What he'll see is a miscalculated choice for his vice president. And he'll see someone whose credibility and experience can be ripped to shreds — even by Obama.

If that's not reason enough not to vote for John McCain, I don't know what is.

The following video is of McCain and Palin's rally today in Ohio.

Watch CBS Videos Online

CBS Video of Obama's speech

Here's video of Barack Obama's acceptance speech from Thursday, Aug. 28.

Watch CBS Videos Online

28 August 2008

Obama delivers speech for the ages

I'll have a column on Barack Obama's speech Friday afternoon. For now, all I'll say is that it was one of his best ever.

Watch Obama's acceptance speech here

OK—Last change, I promise

Hello all.

Well, our journey on Wordpress lasted 6 days. Unfortunately, Wordpress doesn't have even half of the features Blogger does. So, as much as I liked the look of the Wordpress blogs, we were serious limited with what we can bring to you, our readers.

So in the interim, I redesigned our Blogger site—and we're starting fresh. Unfortunately, all of our older posts are gone. But you can get the older posts by clicking here [if there's something you need to find that's older].

In the interim, continue sending suggestions and feedback. And, as always, thank you for your loyal support of The Hudson Line.

Today's the 45th anniversary of MLK's 'I Have A Dream' speech

It was 45 years ago today that the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered perhaps the single most important speech ever given in American history. And in as wonderful a tribute as could happen, the "I Have a Dream" speech's anniversary coincides with a day perhaps King was thinking of when he delivered his impassioned speech in Washington, D.C.--the day the first Black nominee for the U.S. presidency, Barack Obama, accepts his party's nomination.

Click here to read more of a story I wrote on today's anniversary for—and for plenty more from DiversityInc on today's anniversary, including some very interesting columns called "Ask the White Guy" from our Partner/Cofouner Luke Visconti. Additionally, below you will find the video of Dr. King's speech from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.

26 August 2008

Luke Russert's objectivity hardly that of his dad's

Tim Russert, God rest his soul, was perhaps the most objective TV news man in American history. His son, Luke, who is reporting from the convention for MSNBC/NBC News, is hardly as objective. The CNN cameras caught a glimpse of Luke Russert clapping wildly when Sen. Robert Casey, D-Pa., got the crowd pumped up tonight with a "Four More Months" chant [4 more months of the current admin]. Can't say I blame Luke in this instance.

Kennedy almost missed speech Monday night

U.S. Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., nearly couldn't make it to the stage to deliver his dramatic speech last night, The Boston Globe is reporting. Click here for more details.

Michelle Obama's speech to the DNC

[brightcove vid=1753815196&exp=900881681&w=460&h=412]

In case you missed it, here's Michelle Obama's speech to the Democratic National Convention Monday night

Imus cast member Rob Bartlett has clots in legs, lungs that pass through heart; Imus says his sidekick is lucky to be alive

Rob Bartlett, of the Imus in the Morning show, passed out yesterday—it turns out he has clots in hislegs and lungs, and the clots passed through his heart—and he's now in St. Vincent's Hospital in New York City, Don Imus announced this morning on his show. Imus said Bartlett passed out because the clot passed through his heart, and he said in 80 percent of such cases, the victim dies. Bartlett is expected to undergo surgery today to remove the clots.

"Jesus, God in most cases he'd be dead," Imus said. "If you believe in the prayer deal, it might be a good time to say one for the guy."

Show cast member Tony Powell said Bartlett didn't want flowers [or gift baskets]—instead, he'd rather folks donate in his name to the Imus Ranch.

"The last thing the fat bastard needs is candy," Imus said. "Man is he lucky to be alive."

Mr. Met has fun with a Yankees fan

25 August 2008

Hovering your mouse over external links will give you a screen preview before you click

Have you ever seen a link, but were unsure if you really wanted to click on it? Here at The Hudson Line, we're happy to have an active Snap Back feature. Simply hover your mouse over a link and you'll see a page preview of the link. Hover over this text here to see it in action—you'll see a preview of CBS News.

Strahan coming back?

The New York Giants have reached out to their former player and future Hall of Famer Michael Strahan, asking him to return to the team following the season-ending injury to Osi Umenyiora.

Strahan's agent spoke to The Star-Ledger about Strahan's possible return.

"Have I talked to the Giants? Yes. Are we negotiating? No. Are they interested? Yes," Strahan's agent Tony Agnone said Monday when reached on his cell phone. "But who wouldn't be interested in Michael if they needed a D end?"

Click here to read the Star-Ledger story in its entirety.

Subway cars on the Atlantic Ocean floor?

The headline tells it all.

Some 30 out-of-commission subway cars were dropped into the Atlantic Ocean near Cape May to create artificial reefs for sea life that otherwise couldn't survive in the waters.

Click here to read the Star-Ledger story on the drop.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="453" caption="The Star-Ledger photo of the subway car drop into the Atlantic Ocean near Cape May."]The Star-Ledger photo of the subway car drop into the Atlantic Ocean near Cape May.[/caption]

The night the Knights went too far

Today, I am thoroughly embarrassed to say I am a member of the Knights of Columbus. Since 1997, I've been an official member of the organization-and some of my dearest friends are knights. But after news I read the other day, coupled with a letter written by the grand knight of the council to which I belong, I cannot sit by and allow the group to go unchecked as it so often does.

The letter I received this week noted all the good things the council was doing in the coming months. Since there's a lull in the summer, things start to pick up once September rolls around. This year was no different. But it wasn't about the things the council was doing that annoyed me to no end, it was the closing line that got to me most. And quite frankly, I couldn't blame the government for stripping the council of its tax-free status as a non-profit religious organization.

The letter concluded with an admonishment that no Catholic may support a candidate who supports marriage between anyone other than a man and a woman. It also said a Catholic could not support a candidate who supports stem-cell research and abortion rights. I'll focus on the first ideal.

"No Catholic may support a political candidate who supports anything but marriage between a man and a woman." These are the words. They were written by a grand knight, whose organization admonishes its members to refrain from bringing partisan politics into its chambers.

First, I'd say that although this isn't, per se, in the council chambers, there exists a clear violation of its own rules. Telling a member he cannot vote for a politician [clearly and obviously Barack Obama or any other Democrat for that matter] who supports non-traditional marriage constitutes hypocrisy of immense proportions.

What actually sickens me about what this man wrote is that it does not address some other serious issues facing people in this country.

For starters, I don't think it takes a person of great brilliance to realize that as "threatened" as some conservative people are by gay marriage, that marriage as it stands right now-heterosexual marriage-is beyond repair right now. In a most ironic twist, there are tons of full members of the K of C who are divorced, separated or living together with an unmarried significant other of the opposite gender.

Could you even imagine a member of the Knights sending out a letter to his constituency admonishing members who divorced? Who lived with his girlfriend out of wedlock? It wouldn't happen-it barely happens. And yet, these same people are afraid marriage between two women or two men is going to destroy the institution we know as marriage right now.

Sorry, folks. The greatest threat to marriage right now are married people. It's the people who see marriage as something more than just a couple who love each other, only to find they don't want to be married anymore, who damage marriage more than anyone or anything else.

Please-I beg anyone to tell me how two people who love each other and who just so happen to be of the same gender are doing anything to destroy the institution of marriage? Please tell me how a faith of believers that spends a year of marriage preparation with a priest who, in most cases, has never been married or who has never been in a committed relationship, can say marriage would be destroyed if two women or two men were permitted to marry?

Is it just me, or is there something wrong with the picture of a priest, who has no experience in committed relationships, telling a gay couple they can't get married because they'd destroy the institution as it is currently known?

Perhaps it's just me-but I cannot fathom the utter hypocrisy.

This is by no means an indictment on the priesthood. I respect and admire the priesthood of most [hardly all] Catholic priests. What I cannot accept is the church-or its members [in this case, the Knights]-telling anyone of the importance of keeping a broken institution as is. Because quite frankly, folks, marriage is not threatened by the LGBT community. It is ruined by people who cannot and don't live up to the expectations of marriage.

Period. End of story.

There will be many people whose minds will never change on this issue. I'm one of those people. And as much as there will be people who find fault with two people loving each other and wanting to spend the rest of their lives together, with the same rights afforded other married couples, I cannot stand by anymore and allow these hateful and disgusting words to go unnoticed.

And just as word comes that the Knights have donated $1 million toward helping to pass Proposition 8 in California that would redefine marriage in the state constitution as between one man and one woman, I know that I, too, as someone who considered himself Catholic, can do what I think is best in the same realm. I don't need a Grand Knight telling me who I can and cannot vote for.

And even worse, I wonder just how many people will read a similar letter, as a Catholic, and as a Knight, and then go on to vote for a pro-gay-marriage candidate anyway? Unlike them, I won't just ignore that notion.

And if it means that I am no longer worthy of the church-and no longer worth of the Knights-then so be it.

Quite honestly, I could do without all that hatred and viciousness.

I think we all could, folks.

Sadly, however, the debate will rage on for many years to come-and I doubt, in my lifetime, the church or the Knights will ever see it as I, and many other Americans do.

I guess that means I'm now divorced, too-from the Knights of Columbus.

CBS also has video coverage

Click here to CBS' streaming video of the DNC.

MSNBC offers gavel-to-gavel Web coverage of DNC

MSNBC is offering gavel-to-gavel coverage, on the Web, of the Democratic National Convention. Click here to get to the video player [the only bad feature of our new Wordpress blog is that we cannot, as yet, embed videos in posts that aren't Youtube or Google].

Black AIDS leaders call for national AIDS strategy by next U.S. President

In an historically unprecedented move, more than 30 national HIV/AIDS organizations and leaders representing African-American, Latino, Native American/Alaska Native and Asian & Pacific Islander communities have joined forces in an urgent call for the development and implementation of a comprehensive national AIDS strategy.

The demands to the Democratic and Republican presidential nominees come in response to long-standing concerns about unmet needs for targeted HIV-research, treatment access, medical care and prevention in communities of color. A recently released report from the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on estimates of new HIV infections in the United States amplifies the crises faced in communities of color.

According to the CDC's alarming new estimates, communities of color account for a combined total of 65 percent of the approximately 56,300 new HIV infections occurring in the United States. By the CDC's own admission, this new estimate is 40 percent higher than the CDC's earlier estimate of 40,000 infections per year. The startling new HIV rates are of special concern for people of color who are more likely to die from the disease than HIV-infected whites. AIDS advocates representing communities of color have long expressed dissatisfaction with the current lethargic, fragmented and unaccountable U.S. response to the epidemic, which they point out, is a direct result of the non-existent national plan.

Leading national HIV organizations and leaders representing communities of color convened at the FordFoundation in New York City this month to formulate a national HIV response to the new administration that will take office in January. Pledging to work together to strengthen the HIV/AIDS response-nationally, and in their own communities-these organizations agreed on an urgent seven-point action plan.

The action points stipulate, first and foremost, the urgent need for the next administration to rapidly initiate a National AIDS Strategy that engages the entire federal government in the fight against HIV and holds each department accountable for improved results in communities of color.

Ironically, the U.S. government requires foreign countries receiving American HIV/AIDS assistance to have a national strategy for addressing the epidemic, where there is none in place in our own country. The action plan also demands the federal government improve its inadequate data gathering methods, currently accounting for only 33 out of the 50 states and 5 dependent territories, excluding other states and territories severely impacted by the epidemic.

This flawed process results in the underestimation of HIV rates and impedes efforts to allocate adequate resources to address HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and care for all at-risk Americans.

Public health advocates also stress that the socio-economic drivers of the epidemic disproportionately impact communities of color. Such factors include poverty, limited educational opportunities, gender inequities, homophobia, HIV stigma and inadequate health access. The needs of communities of color are further compromised by the current administration's response to the epidemic including a derisory allocation of only 4 percent of HIV-related domestic spending towards HIV prevention efforts and the flat-funding of the Minority HIV/AIDS Initiative for the past six years despite increasing rates of transmission in people of color communities during that time.

The partnering organizations and leaders stand together to demand concrete action from the new president and his administration. The organizations and leaders represent various individuals, including health service providers, policy makers, physicians, medical schools and people living with HIV/AIDS. The representatives come together from across the country including Hawaii. Together, they bring a voice to the needs of people in urban, rural and native reservation communities.


24 August 2008

Let the fun begin at the convention

The next two weeks are all about why so many people love talking and taking part in politics.

And in just a few hours, the Democrats will kick things off with the start of their convention in Denver. And could the conventions ever be more important than they are this year?

Both Sens. John McCain and Barack Obama are in a statistical dead heat, 47 percent to 47 percent. Of course, the popular vote isn't what matters—but it will still be exciting to see what kind of boost the candidates get from their respective party conventions.

As the week progresses, we'll have plenty over coverage of the DNC, the same next week at the RNC.

Be sure to post your thoughts about the upcoming convention right here. It's never been easier to comment—and you do not have to be registered. [Posts are moderated, however, and will be pulled if anything close to libel is present]. Comment away!

CBS2 content will return soon!

I just wanted readers to know the content I had been displaying from CBS2 will return shortly. Since I switched blog platforms, the people who operate the widgets at Channel 2's marketing firm will have to update on their end. This is all done in an effort to adequately track the amount of traffic visitors from The Hudson Line are generating on their news and ad sites. Thanks for your patience. This should only take a day or two to update. Thanks, Kevin.

Biden video welcome message

Here's a video from the Obama camp by Joe Biden. In addition to the video, this note [below the video] was also sent to Obama supporters following Biden's selection.


Kevin -- 


I'd like to thank you for the warm welcome I've received as the newest member of this campaign.

What you and Barack have accomplished over the past 19 months is incredible, and it's an honor to be part of it. I'm looking forward to rolling up my sleeves and getting involved.

I recorded a short video message about how I hope to help in the weeks ahead.

Please take a minute to watch the video and share it with your friends:


Welcome to the new Hudson Line

After careful consideration—and with readers in mind—we've completely redesigned The Hudson Line, and we're now using Wordpress as our host. We hope you enjoy the new look to the site—which we hope is more user friendly and easier to navigate around. Please be sure to send us comments by e-mail by clicking here.

Video: Obama 'introduces' Biden

...And the people of Kearny think they have it bad when it rains a lot...

A great sale—as reported by the Fail Blog

This is a good one—a sale that's bound to draw thousands...

fail owned pwned pictures
see more pwn and owned pictures

Woman, 1,000 pounds, charged with killing 2-year-old nephew

A 1,000-pound Texas woman has been charged with capital murder in the death of the woman's 2-year-old nephew, according to reports. A grand jury in Hidalgo County, Texas charged Myra Rosales with injury to  a child and felony murder. She had also been charged with capital murder. If convicted, Rosales could be executed [this is Texas, remember].

When Rosales was initially charged with capital murder, she was released on her own recognizance since chances of her fleeing without major assistance was relatively out of the question. In fact, now that a grand jury has indicted her on these new charges, officials in Hidalgo County are now faced with two serious  issues—transporting her from her home [she's currently stuck in the house] to be processed, and then, once the processing is over, finding her a place of incarceration. 

The dilemma is extremely rare, and it's caught officials off guard. At this point, it's not immediately clear where she'll be locked up.

The charges stem, of course, from the death of her nephew. After an autopsy was performed on the boy, it was learned he suffered severe head trauma and brain hemorrhaging.

The boy's mother, meanwhile, has also been charged with injury to a child, according to reports from KGBT-TV.

We'll bring you more on this developing story as soon as it becomes available. In the interim, click here for a full report from KGBT-TV in Texas.

23 August 2008

I just got the e-mail from Obama: It's Biden!

Big news, folks: Obama made his VP selection! I have the name! [Of course, this might have meant something if the text and e-mail came to my inboxes in a timely manner]!

If I had relied on the e-mail from Barack Obama to learn who his new vice-presidential running mate was to be, I would have just learned it was Joe Biden. The e-mail arrived in my inbox just a few minutes ago.

In case you're wondering what the announcement looked like, here it is in its entirety. 


Kevin --

I have some important news that I want to make official.

I've chosen Joe Biden to be my running mate.

Joe and I will appear for the first time as running mates this afternoon in Springfield, Illinois -- the same place this campaign began more than 19 months ago.

I'm excited about hitting the campaign trail with Joe, but the two of us can't do this alone. We need your help to keep building this movement for change.

Please let Joe know that you're glad he's part of our team. Share your personal welcome note and we'll make sure he gets it:

Thanks for your support,


P.S. -- Make sure to turn on your TV at 2:00 p.m. Central Time to join us or watch online at

It's Biden—finally

Barack Obama has chosen Delaware Sen. Joe Biden to be his running mate. Click here for full coverage from CBS News.

22 August 2008

Will it be Biden?

By process of elimination—with Evan Bayh and Tim Kaine out of contention—the pundits seem to have anointed Joe Biden as Barack Obama's presumptive vice presidential candidate. But we'll know sure sure at around 10 a.m. Saturday, as it is being reported "The Text" will go out at that time. Click here for more from CBS.

Quirky rules about the Presidential Election might surprise you—in fact, they will surprise you

There are some really quirky laws governing a Presidential Election. For instance, did you know that if a president-elect dies before he's sworn in, but after Congress certifies an election that the vice president-elect would become the president? Or, did you know if a Puerto Rican person lives on the mainland [or Hawaii or Alaska], he or she can vote in the Presidential Election—but if that same person's established residency was on the Island of Puerto Rico, he or she can't vote in the regular election? 

There are tons of other instances like this one—and thanks to the good people of MSNBC, a lot of strange questions are answered about the election. This is one you'll definitely want to read—you're bound to learn something new. Click here for more.

Bye, Bayh, Mr. Kaine

Evan Bayh and Tim Kaine are not going to be Barack Obama's running mate, MSNBC is reporting. Click here for the full story.

With CBS2 News on board, you can now get all regional news right here

With our new partnership CBS2 News, our visitors can now get all their regional news right here. With top news and videos from WCBS, commentary and some local news from The Hudson Line, this can now be your one stop for much of what you'll need to know. We hope you enjoy this new service.

Perth Amboy police officer dies in Route 1 car crash

If you listened to the traffic reports this morning, you likely heard about the accident on Route 1 in Woodbridge involving a Perth Amboy police car. The Star-Ledger is now reporting one officer died and another is being treated for serious injuries. The officer who died is Thomas Raji, 31. Mr. Raji was married to another Perth Amboy police officer, who at present is pregnant with the couple's child.

The accident happened at the intersection of Route 1 and Green Street. A car traveling west on Green plowed into the police car, which was traveling south on Route 1. Reports say it's not immediately clear whether the police or the other car involved had right of way.

In an incredible twist of fate, the driver of the second car, 23-year-old Sean McGuirk, of Colonia, is brother to a Woodbridge police officer.

Click here to read the entire story from The Star-Ledger.

[Photo: Perth Amboy Police Officer Thomas Raji].

Still no word from Obama on Veep selection

We were supposed to hear who Barack Obama picked to be his vice-presidential candidate. Yet there's still no word yet—and it's after 5 p.m. Friday. Stay tuned. In the interim, here's a good video on the election from CBS News. [Oh, and one final thing ... since we'll be writing a lot about Obama and John McCain over the next two months, from here on, if you see BO in a story, it's Barack Obama and JM for John McCain. Sorry Barack's initials are a little negative by nature].

NJ Transit bus crashes in Roxbury

An NJ Transit bus has crashed near Roxbury on Route 80, CNN reports. Log on to for video from above the scene. Injuries are reported.


Obama picks VP running mate, but says no more

Why bother?

Barack Obama announced he's made his decision on a vice presidential candidate, but he wouldn't say anymore. There are reports, however, he'll announce the selection—by text message and e-mail to his supporters first—sometime this afternoon.

Meanwhile, Obama's camp's jumping on John McCain's inability to tell a reporter how many houses he owns. McCain's camp, on the other hand, says Obama's one home, valued at $1 million, was purchased from a convicted felon.

Check out this video from CBS News for more.

Watch CBS Videos Online

Newsday, launch new Web sites

Newsday of Long Island and have launched new Web sites. Both are tremendous improvements over the former sites. Check them out by clicking the links in the last sentence. [Here's a preview below, also. Click on the images to enlarge them].

Tiki Barber's [lack of a] Super Bowl ring gets him mad—kinda

Well it looks like Tiki Barber wasn't too happy a week and a half ago while he was on the air. Check out this slip of the tongue. [Some foul language used here].

Radio calls reveal the horrors of last year's Deutsche Bank Building fire

I will refrain from comment on this for now—please take time to listen. Special thanks to the New York Daily News for posting this audio. [One comment. Sorry. Please note that this incident occurred in 2007. After 9/11, there was talk about major improvements to the FDNY's communication equipment. I can't help but notice the constant stepping on and static here. Also, here's a piece I wrote one year ago about the fire—just ignore the part referencing The Observer].

20 August 2008

Top national news in 60 seconds from the AP

Drinking age at 18?

More than 100 college and university presidents are looking to lower the drinking age from 21 to 18, the Jersey Journal reports today. And, the Journal has a Hudson perspective on the issue. Click here to read the Journal's report—and be sure to post your opinions right here in the comment section

They're back—sort of

As discouraged as I was in my last post, I kind of knew as a Met fan that this would happen; although I still was aware of the fact that the Mets always play to the level of the poorer teams, particularly this season.
John Maine returned last week on Wednesday, pitching 5 innings of shutout baseball, allowing only one hit to go along with 6 strikeouts and 4 walks.
In his start Monday afternoon, he gave us Met fans a sense of stability once again as he was effective in his second start since coming off of the DL. This time around, he went 5 innings for a consecutive time and allowed 2 hits with 3 strikeouts and a walk. He left the game with the Metropolitans leading 2-0 before that notorious bullpen threw it away. What a surprise right?
In any event, it’s good to see the team have their regular starters in tact. In the six-game winning streak, that of course ended yesterday, the Mets' starters went a combined 6-0 and allowed only 7 runs in 41.2 innings of work. Johan Santana also pitched brilliantly on Sunday in going the distance for the complete game shutout.
Hitting-wise, the Mets are getting by as they should be. They played the worst team in baseball in the Washington Nationals and a Pittsburgh Pirates team that is 13 games under .500. They averaged 5.7 runs a game in those two series respectively. Again good numbers, but they should be that way.
A thought of concern for Mets fans is Billy Wagner. Like I have said, this closer-by-committee thing is irking me. It never works anyway, and these guys aren’t even coming close to making it happen. In any event, Wagner was supposed to be activated yesterday, but apparently, he still isn’t ready after not feeling 100 percent after a bullpen toss on Saturday. The Mets brass has also not been specific as to when he will return making me even more concerned.
On the trade front, the Mets acquired right-handed reliever Luis Ayala from the Washington Nationals in exchange for minor league shortstop Anderson Hernandez. Ayala has the most losses for a reliever this season (ironically Aaron Heilman has the second most) and has a 5.77 ERA. If pitching coach Danny Warthen can restore his confidence, this is nothing more than a stopgap solution for the ever-problematic bullpen. Hernandez was a decent fielder, but he couldn’t hit if he had a million bucks in a briefcase dangling in front of him.
I’ll conclude with a little schedule talk. The Braves come into Shea with their beleaguered rotation that has lost the likes of John Smoltz, Tim Hudson, and Tom Glavine to major injuries and Mets' fans will get a first-hand glimpse of that below-average rotation starting tonight. Jo-Jo Reyes (3-9 5.33 ERA) faces Oliver Perez (9-7 3.91 ERA) today, followed by Jair Jurrjens (11-8 3.15 ERA) against Mike Pelfrey (11-8 3.91 ERA), and Mike Hampton (2-1 6.92 ERA) battles Pedro Martinez (4-3 4.96 ERA) in the finale.
The Houston Astros will follow Atlanta in a four-game set as the Mets certainly will have revenge on their minds after getting swept in three at Houston a couple of weeks ago.
It appears to be an easy road for the Mets this week, but in New York sports there are never any guarantees, especially with this squad.
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