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31 August 2008

Some Louisiana parishes could get 14-feet of water

I was just listening to and watching WDSU-TV in New Orleans—as I have the last two days—and it's frightening to hear some of the statistics about what Hurricane Gustav could bring to the area. One estimates there will be up to 14-feet of water in some of the parishes [counties] in the New Orleans area. Folks, I'm not so sure people of this area realize just how devastating this storm could be.

And if you think it might not be all that bad, figure this: President Bush and Vice President Cheney are skipping this week's Republican National Convention in favor of monitoring the storm—and there's talk the RNC may turn into a massive fundraising-telethon type event instead of the usual political speeches.

If this doesn't illustrate the seriousness of what's about to happen, nothing will.

Below, images of Katrina—images that could again be realistic in a day or two.


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