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05 February 2013

Leslie Gold, the Radiochick, is tearing it up on Fox News Radio and with 'The Gong Show Live-Off Broadway'

The Canessa Commentary


Leslie Gold 'The Radiochick'
I will preface this by saying I consider her a dear friend, someone who I care greatly for — and someone I’d take a bullet for. With that said, this piece is instantly OK to dub “biased.”

And yet, that matters not one bit, because whenever I get a chance to share the good news about what Leslie Gold is doing — you remember her as The Radiochick — I enjoy it.

For those of you in New York, you will no doubt remember Leslie from her days on three prominent New York City radio stations — 102.7 WNEW, 92.3 when it went talk and Q-104.3. For years, she came into our homes and cars with her two sidekicks, Butch Brennan and Chuck Nice — and she made us laugh, she made us cry. She made us think, she made us shake our heads. 

Unfortunately for us — the FM hot talk genre didn’t do well in New York (though Leslie’s shows were always the antithesis to the norm of the stations … they ALWAYS did well ratings-wise and in billing). So after her days on terrestrial radio were over, she and Butch did a podcast for about six months.

And then, in 2009, I got to meet Leslie when she founded — and did her show there for more than a year.

But it’s the post-Shovio days that have been extremely intriguing for Leslie — she’s the owner of the rights to “The Gong Show Live--Off Broadway,” — yes, that “Gong Show,” and she’s constantly filling in on Fox News Radio.

Imagine that — our Leslie is doing fantastic work on Fox News radio. If it first it’s hard to envision Leslie talking Republican politics, think again. She’s so damn good at it that even this left-wing nutcase goes out of his way to tune in whenever she’s filling in for Brian Killmeade, Tom Sullivan or John Gibson — or whomever.

She brings humor and deep insights to politics in ways no one — and I mean no one — at the network can. She can make a story like the Manti T’eo hoax come to life. She can make the most ardent Barack Obama supporter (like me) think twice about his decisions. She can make the most ardent liberal actually want to listen to Fox News Radio.

That’s how good she is.

And it shows.

Though she doesn’t call herself “The Radiochick” on the air, quite often, callers remind the audience she’s still the Chick. So she’s certainly not averse to remembering back to those days.

It’s just the topics that are different.

She still offers an amazing perspective on the news of the day.

She still gives the audience a real reason to tune in whenever she’s on the air.

In other words, though she’s Leslie on Fox News Radio, she’s really still the Chick — and brings something special — something intangible … to the mic. 

I’m going to do my best to post whenever she’s on the air, both here on this website — and on Facebook and Twitter, too. If you’re like me, and miss the days of Chick, Chuck and Butch, trust me when I tell you — you won’t be disappointed when you tune in to her Fox News shows. 

If the most ardent liberal in the world can do it — and I can’t put Sean Hannity of Bill O’Reilly on for more than 20 seconds without flipping the channel  — you certainly can, too.

The Gong Show Live Off-Broadway

But her new incarnation goes well beyond the radio. In fact, she’s running a show she loved when she was younger. And a few years ago, when the rights to the show were for sale, she jumped and bought them.

Now, once a month, “The Gong Show Live-Off Broadway” is brought to life, off Broadway, at the Cutting Room in Manhattan — 44 E. 32nd St. This isn't an amateur deal either — this is as professionally run an off-Broadway show as you're going to see. No amateurs. We're taking the real deal here.

Leslie, seen here waving, at a recent 'Gong Show Live-Off Broadway' performance.
Each month, the sold-out shows bring the audience to their feet, with rip-roaring laughter and an all-around great experience. And the show has been in other places throughout the country — and could be, again.

Perhaps the most amazing of the shows was a few months ago, after Hurricane Sandy.

Leslie got a few sponsors together — and an entire performance was done in front of a house packed with people whose lives were turned upside down by Sandy. Each person went to the show for free — and got a free drink and appetizer, too.

And you see, this is what Leslie is all about. 

For as long as I’ve known her, her biggest concerns were for others. She had every right to be angry when things didn’t work out with certain radio stations. Same with Shovio, too. And yet, in a real way, she’d taken every adversity she’s been faced with, and has turned it around and make life better for so many people.

Whether it’s those affected by Sandy, or wanting to get me a job in radio when I was first dipping my toes into the water — whatever the scenario — she’s always put others first.

And that’s just one of many things that make Leslie special.

As for “The Gong Show Live-Off Broadway,” if you’re interested — or if you’d like to perhaps do an office outing at the show — the show can be tailored to any office’s needs — I want you to go to the show’s website,

Check out “The Gong Show Live-Off Broadway.” And check out Leslie’s work on Fox News Radio.

If you’re disappointed, I’d be shocked.

Then again, I’m not worried about disappointment one bit.


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