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26 August 2008

Luke Russert's objectivity hardly that of his dad's

Tim Russert, God rest his soul, was perhaps the most objective TV news man in American history. His son, Luke, who is reporting from the convention for MSNBC/NBC News, is hardly as objective. The CNN cameras caught a glimpse of Luke Russert clapping wildly when Sen. Robert Casey, D-Pa., got the crowd pumped up tonight with a "Four More Months" chant [4 more months of the current admin]. Can't say I blame Luke in this instance.


  1. I can. Luke Russert is getting a pass as a reporter. NO J-grad gets a network job off the bat. He is not ready, not by a long shot and NBC treats him as a younger version of Tim, treats Russert the Younger as a prince, riding him around in golf carts, giving him his own office . Luke should be in Los Alamos, doing local stories for the local TV station, earning his props over time just as every other journo has,INCLUDING his father.