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26 August 2008

Imus cast member Rob Bartlett has clots in legs, lungs that pass through heart; Imus says his sidekick is lucky to be alive

Rob Bartlett, of the Imus in the Morning show, passed out yesterday—it turns out he has clots in hislegs and lungs, and the clots passed through his heart—and he's now in St. Vincent's Hospital in New York City, Don Imus announced this morning on his show. Imus said Bartlett passed out because the clot passed through his heart, and he said in 80 percent of such cases, the victim dies. Bartlett is expected to undergo surgery today to remove the clots.

"Jesus, God in most cases he'd be dead," Imus said. "If you believe in the prayer deal, it might be a good time to say one for the guy."

Show cast member Tony Powell said Bartlett didn't want flowers [or gift baskets]—instead, he'd rather folks donate in his name to the Imus Ranch.

"The last thing the fat bastard needs is candy," Imus said. "Man is he lucky to be alive."


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