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19 May 2008

Neil Best's blog is a must read for sports (and broadcasting) fans

If you're a sports fan, and you like the broadcasting side of sports, there is a must-read blog out on Long Island that is a must read.

It's called "Watchdog," and it's written on a regular basis by Newsday sports guru Neil Best. Neil takes a great look into the world of sports, with a broadcasting flare, and from a business perspective. In fact, for those of us who are fans of Imus, it was Best who, pardon the pun, best covered the situation — and it was Best who really kept on top of the ordeal from start to finish.

One other reason we love Best's blog is that he, like few other sports writers in America, loves the game of hockey, and once covered the sport in Canada.

If you're a fan of WFAN or WEPN, you'll want to read Neil daily.

If you're concerned about who will be broadcasting the Stanley Cup Finals, you'll want to read Neil daily.

If you want to read the very best in sports, with the most accurate and fair and balanced journalism going (laced with a lot of subtle sarcasm), you'll want to read Neil daily.

Click here to reach Watchdog. You won't be disappointed if you visit the site for the first time and, like me, you'll probably be hooked after the first visit.


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