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19 May 2008

Parents of boy who was hit in chest by baseball in Little League game will sue numerous agencies

The parents of a 14-year-old boy who sustained brain damage while playing in a Little League game two years ago — one of whom is a teacher at Kearny High School — will sue Little League Baseball, a metal bat manufacturer and the store that sold the bat, the Star-Ledger reports today.

Nancy and Joseph Domalewski made the announcement at a press conference this morning. It is not immediately clear how much the Domalewskis are seeking in their suits.

Their son, Steven, was stuck in the chest with a hit baseball at the precise millisecond in-between heart beats that can cause a condition known as commotio cordis. Because the ball hit his chest when it did, Steven's heart stopped beating for nearly a quarter hour. He was later brought back, but wound up spending nearly eight months in hospital.

He is now unable to speak or walk, and reports say he just recently was able to eat regularly, after months of IV nourishment.

You may recall that shortly after this horrible accident happened, Lisa Martone, former staff writer of The Observer, wrote a story about a fundraiser for Steven, whose father, Joseph, is a teacher at Kearny High School.

As more information breaks, we'll be sure to bring it to you.


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