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25 December 2012


We won't mention his name -- but include his photo above as reference. He's the one with the grey hair and beard. Below him is Tomasz Kaczowka, one of two people he killed yesterday after he set a home on fire -- and sat back and waited until fire personnel came to the scene.

He opened fire, killing Kaczowka and another -- and left two others seriously wounded.

You can hear the chilling emergency-radio calls at the bottom of this post.

Yet what's most shocking about all of this is that the murderer had already killed. He admitted, according to reports, to killing his own grandmother back in 1981. With a hammer. And he spent 17 years in prison for the crime. Seventeen years for murdering your own grandmother? Witha a hammer? What the fuck?

He was paroled in 2006.

It didn't take long for the local TV stations to find out about the perp. The information was readily available. And yet, this crime begs several questions, none of which involved gun control.

One, why are men who are clearly not rehabilitated let out of prison? I understand he was let go solely because the statute required he be released.

The statute needs to be changed.

Way too often, criminals who are bound to repeat are released. And there's got to be a way to ensure this doesn't happen.

This man killed his very own grandmother with a HAMMER, and was roaming the streets of Upstate New York just 17 years thereafter.

Another question -- we require, as a nation, that convicted sex offenders register -- and that neighbors be notified -- when said sex offenders move into neighborhoods. And yet, a convicted murderer does not have to register -- and the neighbors do not need to be notified.

I understand that when a sentence is over, a convict is said to have paid his debt to society. But I'd bet not everyone knew this man was a convicted murderer -- and those firefighters should have been made aware they were going to a neighborhood with such a sicko living in it.

I understand this is a lot of Monday Morning Quarterbacking -- and I certainly understand it would be next to impossible to warn firefighters every time they're entering an area where a psycho might be. But these men, who put their lives on the line whenever they leave the fire house, deserved better.

This creep will rot in hell, no doubt.

But the question will always remain -- and that is, why this man was able to do what he did.

And it's an answer we'll never get.

"I still have to get ready to see how much of the neighborhood I can burn down and do what I like doing best – killing people," the psycho wrote in a letter left behind.

He should never have had that chance.


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