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24 December 2012


Here are some more Canessa wishes for Christmas and New Year's.

• To Jimmy Neubig -- a Mets World Championship before turning 50 -- as hard as that may be -- and health and happiness in 2013.

• To Nicole Neubig -- the same as Jimmy -- and thanks for reconnecting after all these years. I love our Facebook chats -- and consider myself lucky to have known you for ... get this ... 28 years!

• To Caitlin Campbell -- a much better 2013 health-wise, and, with luck, an NHL season to look forward to. And of course, recognition for being a tremendous hockey writer.

• To Amy Shea -- best wishes in your new marriage. I can't believe I didn't realise you got re-married, but I am so happy for you.
• To Dominick J. Antonelli -- thanks for always sticking with me, for being a true friend -- and perhaps another new phone sometime in 2013.

• To Skip Babinski -- a championship for one of your teams, so long as it's not the Flyers, Phillies, Eagles or 6ers.

• To Dorothy and Roy -- everything you wish for in 2013 -- and many thanks for being a wonderful surrogate family.

• To Cousin Darian -- safety behind the wheel as you use that new driver's license of yours ... and much success on your sports website.

• To Joe Heelan -- a Jets appearance in the Super Bowl next season at MetLife Stadium.

• To Mike Sweeney -- absolute safety on that new bike of yours.

• To Dr. Marc Saulnier -- much joy in your upcoming marriage.

• To Gee Raj -- all the best and, of course, another Giants Super Bowl win and Red Sox championship. Oh, and a return to Hartford for the Whalers.

• To Markian -- all the best and success with the DEA, which is very fortunate to have you as a new member and agent.

• To Lissette Hockenbury -- much joy from that awesome Milo of yours and a wonderful 2013. And, of course, thanks for tolerating the nuttiness of my Facebook page.

• To Leslie Gold -- full-time work on Fox News Radio, even though it's very hard for me to ever tune into that network. You make it awesome to listen to -- and you deserve so much more that just fill-in work. And of course, best wishes for a wonderful "Gong Show" run in 2013.

• To Timmy Gillette -- much happiness and joy in your upcoming marriage. You deserve all the best.

• To Jenny Maloney -- thanks for reconnecting after all these years and, of course, a great 2013 at the ballot box.

• To Petey Kirch -- a true BCS bowl for Rutgers.

• To Jim Schmeideberg -- a championship for any of your teams -- of course, except for the Rangers.

• To Barbara Cifelli-Sherry -- Joy and happiness in 2013, and thanks for being a great friend, mentor and influence.

• To Laura Cifelli-Pettigrew -- the same as Barbara ... and thanks for reconnecting after all these years.

• To Viking Mike McCauley -- a Vikings' playoff run for the ages in January. And an explanation as to why Mitt didn't get that mandate (just kidding).

• To Benno Johnson -- a great Patriots run. I can say this, of course, knowing the Giants likely won't be seeing the Pats anytime soon in a game.

• To Anthony DiMoro -- a clue. And a year of continued horrendousness on the air. 


  1. To Anthony DiMoro you got much more than you deserved asshole. Love always.