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05 August 2011

Were it Not For Bush's Fraudulent War, We Might Not Be so Bad Off Today Economically

Republicans crack me up. Especially the ones who make $50K a year and who think the GOP actually gives a shit about them and their salary. Truth is, if we've learned anything about the GOP of late, it's the party of the elite and the wealthy. So forgive me for laughing at middle-class Americans who believe the Republican Party is here to save them. 

They're not. Not even close, actually.

And when the Dow Jones Industrial Average dipped more than 500 points yesterday, it begged a question I hadn't thought of in a while: What if former President George W. Bush hadn't led is into a fraudulent war in Iraq? Would we be better off today, economically?

The answer, simply, is yes.

Over the last year or so, all we've heard is how much money President Barack Obama has added to the national debt. And while it may be true he's added more to it than of the other presidents before him, the reality is that we'd be financially more stable had we not wasted trillions of dollars on a war based on lies from some of the most incompetent intelligence-getters in the history of modern times.

If we're truly to assess the war based on the so-called "Weapons of Mass Destruction" that still haven't been found, saying that getting Saddam Hussein out of office was a victory is a joke of a statement. Al Qaeda hadn't had a foothold in Iraq until we arrived. And Saddam never had a viable connection to the terrorist nut-jobs that they are.

And for what it's worth, no one dictator is worth trillions. None. 

If we're going to continue to play the blame game -- and I'd rather not, but have to at this point -- let's think about that fraudulent war for a second. Let's think about what it cost this nation economically. Imagine if that cash were still on hand. 

Would we be talking about debt ceilings?

Would you be talking about pulling your cash out of your retirement 401(K)?

Would more Americans be unemployed now than since the Great Depression? 

The answer is outright "NO."

Thank you, President Bush, for this. Thank you very much.

Think about it before the next time you're quick to rush to judge Obama's performance. Is there anyone in this world -- anyone? -- would could have properly cleaned up the mess Bush created?

If you find him or her, let someone know. That person needs to run for the presidency immediately.

Kevin Canessa Jr. is the Webmaster of and has spent nearly 20 years of his life as a writer, journalist and editor. His show, KC in 60, airs weeknights at 8 p.m. ET on the Broadcasting Network. Comments are welcome below, but only those with a full, verifiable name will be posted.


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