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05 August 2011

Mets Finally Ditch Black (If Even For a Day, it Was Grand)

They finally wore a blue jersey -- and it had NO BLACK ON IT WHATSOEVER. It was Latino Heritage Night -- and hopefully, it's the precursor of a new all-blue jersey. And hopefully, again, it will spell the end of the hideous black nonsensical jersey they've been using since 1998. Here are some shots of the jerseys. I love them. What say you?

R.A. Dickey sporting the new jersey. Too bad he fell to
5-10 on the season. Not a good 'sophomore' Mets campaign.

Daniel Murphy demonstrates the back of the new jersey.

Justin Turner in the new jersey.

David Wright makes an error in the new jersey. The Mets
must keep this colour and format as their third jersey,
and yes, it would look great with just 'Mets' and no 'Los.'
How anyone could not like these -- and like the black ones --
is beyond me. May this be the start of a new Mets era.


  1. I fully agree to see that glorious blue was a sight for sore eyes as you said just Mets on the front would look great whose idea was black jerseys anway maybe bringing back the true Mets colors they can bring back a winning way to Queens