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12 August 2011

This GOP Field is a Bunch of Flawed, Hate-filled Nutcases

By Kevin Canessa Jr.

I hate to say it, but after a viewing of the GOP debate tonight on Fox News, I could only come up with a few conclusions. And they're not all that promising.

■ If there were one candidate in the field I could vote for, it's Ron Paul. And it's mostly because he holds his so-called colleagues to task.

■ Tim Pawlenty seemed to be the most sane on the stage. 

■ Michele Bachmann somehow got to Congress with an IQ of a 10-year-old. The woman is seriously nuts — and for someone who wants to see limited government in D.C., she sure has a lot of ideas of how she wants to have government involved in lives of people where she shouldn't be involved.

■ Newt Gingrich is still quite unafraid to espouse his Hitleresque views on the American people.

■ No one, including the moderators, take Rick Santorum seriously.

■ The debate moderators threw so many fat pitches to this group — especially Chris Wallace — that it was nauseating. I wonder how long they prepared, ahead of time, with the candidates on the line of questioning.

■ Mitt Romney seems to think four years would make it easier for him to get to the White House. He was a failure in 2004, changed his moderate views to appease the GOP hardliners and, in essence, is what conservatives love to call a RINO — Republican in Name Only. That said, four years later, he has about the same chance of getting to the D.C. as he did in 2008. It just ain't happening.

■ We heard a lot of the name Rick Perry, who wasn't at the debate, but who announced he's running. God help our nation — this is YOUR crop of GOP candidates. If America were to have forgotten what happened the last time we elected a Texas Governor as President of the United States, and let's just say elected Perry, it would lead me to believe most of America was lost. One former Texas governor president is/was more than enough.

As much as I've been disappointed by the presidency of Barack Obama — I voted for the man in 2008 — this crop of Republicans scares the living daylights out of me. Not because I think any one of them could beat Obama — none of these people could — but because they're seriously flawed and absurdly and certifiably nuts. It is sickening how a group of people — most of whom think the same way — could in one sentence say they're for limited government, only to espouse in the next sentence what they'd do to insert government into our lives. 

Whether it's abortion, healthcare, same-sex marriage, or anything else, they sure do want to tell you how you should feel, what you should believe and what's best for people they simply cannot relate to at all. They're so in tune with the needs of the wealthy they've all seemed to forget we're in one of the worst economic downturns since the Great Depression. 

And they're so into their own agendas that they'd all be best served not in the White House — but in Antarctica. 

Maybe the could legislate the protection of penguins.


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