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13 August 2011

I Love NJ, But it Barely Loves me Back

By Kevin Canessa Jr.

I was born in Jersey City, N.J. and have lived in the state of New Jersey as a full-time resident ever since ... except for four, nine-month periods where I went away for college in Newport, R.I. When I lived in Rhody, I used to love to drive around Newport with my Jersey license plates. During the school year, there always seemed to be more Jersey plates than Rhode Island plates.

When the Devils won the Stanley Cup in 1995, I loved nothing more than boasting I was a fan of the team by wearing Devils paraphernalia around town or wherever I was.

I loved New Jersey. Even when people called it the "Armpit of America."

There are so many great aspects to the state.

But of late, New Jersey — which always seemed to love me back, just hasn't anymore. Whether it's the price of rental properties, the inordinate amount of taxes homeowner must pay, a 7-percent sales tax, double-digit unemployment, a job market for the ages, a governor who can't keep his fat mouth shut and a host of other awful things, New Jersey has seen better days — and I think I'm ready to divorce myself of it.

Think of it like this — the same one-bedroom apartment that goes for $1,100 a month here could be had for $500 or $600 in so many other states. 

It's out of control.

A dear friend of mine offered me the opportunity to move to Florida and stay with him as I search for full-time work in the warm-weather state. When I was told of this opportunity, it hit me hard that I almost HAVE to do this. 

I've tried for two years to recover here economically, but it just hasn't happened. I've tried to create innovative ways to re-invent myself. Nothing — absolutely nothing — has worked. And I believe part of the reason it hasn't is because this state is headed toward absolute ruin.

Gov. Christopher Christie has inserted himself into almost every aspect in New Jersey life and has yet to accomplish anything that has improved the quality of life. He has single-handedly made everything that was bad, worse.

The time has come, sadly, for this New Jerseyphile to pack it up and head elsewhere.

The state itself has forced me to do it.

Nothing else.

Odds and Ends

■ I've watched President Barack Obama self-implode over the last three or so years. Almost every day this week, I've always watched as Prime Minister David Cameron has led the British people during a serious time of crisis during their riots in the greater London area. There are times I just wish Cameron was an American and was our president.

■ Speaking of England, there are rumors that members of parliament want Bill Bratton, former NYPD commissioner and former Los Angeles police chief, to come over to re-structure the Metro Police Department (Scotland Yard). If that happens, you can bet the riots will come to a quick and resourceful end. There's probably no one in the world better equipped than Bratton to do so.

■ Dino Costa of Sirius Radio is an absolute moron. Enough said.

■ I was shocked to learn that in a recent poll, 60 percent of those polled said they don't blame President Obama for the current economic mess. While I tend to agree, it still surprises me. Ask Michele Bachmann — Obama's the anti-Christ.

Have a great weekend, one and all! Hard to believe it's nearly Labour Day!


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