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31 July 2009

Thanks for Nothing, Omar!

metblucapIt's really been a crazy week in Metsland. From Omar, to Bernazard to Adam Rubin, to nearly sweeping the Colorado Rockies, the gamut of emotions for Mets fans have been all over the place.

So enter the non-waiver trade deadline -- today at 4 p.m. With a chance to redeem himself incredibly, after a year of more downs that ups, Omar came through -- by trading for no one.

I thought I'd give ole' Omar a chance this week by waiting until today before making a serious judgment. Now I've made up my mind.

It's time for him to go.

Thanks for a week of laughs and heartbreaks, Omar.

Thanks for absolutely nothing. It's time for you to go.

Update: Omar just said he had opportunities to make trades, but didn't want to trade prospects. Who the hell is he talking about? What prospects? The Mets don't have any prospects. What is wrong with this man? He's lost it!


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