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31 July 2009

Should the Red Sox Retire Wade Boggs' Number?

It’s been said that the best stories on the Web are the shortest ones. So, for the return of “The Canessa Corner,” here’s a short list of “Yes,” “No” and short-answer questions that are often bantered about on talk shows [both sports and non-sports] these days.

•Should the Boston Red Sox retire Wade Boggs’ number? No.

•Should Pete Rose be in the Baseball Hall of Fame? Yes.

•Should steroid-era baseball players be banned from the Hall of Fame? No.

•Should Omar Minaya be fired by the Mets? Yes.

•Should Adam Rubin have accepted Minaya’s “apology?” No.

•Will the Mets make a serious run at the N.L. Wild Card? Yes.

•Will the Mets get the Wild Card? Probably not.

•What about the Marlins? Nope.

•How many true Marlins fans are there? 4,212.

•Will the Mets make a big deadline-day trade? Yes.

•Will anyone catch the Yankees for the A.L. East lead? Yes.

•Is the Shake Shack the best eatery at CitiField? Yes.

•Whose numbers should be retired by the Mets that aren’t? Keith Hernandez, Gary Carter and yes, Daryl Strawberry.

•Are the Red Sox’s championships tainted now that we know Manny and Papi did roids in 2003? Yes.

•How much longer before newspapers are totally dead? 5 years.

•Will any newspapers survive on the Web? Yes. Newsday is one, for sure. And The Times, too.

•Is John Sterling’s style annoying? Yes.

•Should Suzyn Waldman be on the air? No.

•Should Craig Carton have a job? No.

•Whose afternoon radio show do I listen to these days? Michael Kay’s.

•What about later on at night? That’s the Seth Everett Show.

•Who’ll have a better season? The Rangers or The Devils? Devils.

•Will Jacques Lemaire bring boring hockey back to Newark? No.

•Will the Panthers make the playoffs in ’10? Yes.

•Will the Islanders make the playoffs in ’10? Yes -- Tavares is that good.

•Does Sarah Palin have a political future? Did she have notable political past?

Be sure to comment. Be back soon with another corner.


  1. Who will win the AFC East? Patriots

  2. Kevin Canessa Jr.August 3, 2009 at 6:20 PM

    By the way, I think you're right. Does you dad agree though?

  3. Kevin Canessa Jr.August 3, 2009 at 6:20 PM

    Hello Cuz. Good to see you're posting on the blog, too. Hope all is well in San Diego.