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31 July 2013

The 10-biggest mistakes of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

I’ve been a huge fan of “Grey’s Anatomy” for a long time now. And as such, I wanted to do a series of pieces on the show. I’ll start off with a list of the 10 biggest mistakes of the show’s history. Keep in mind, this is just a numbered list — it’s not meant to be a Top 10.

1. Allowing Isaiah Washington to walk. His choice of words toward T.R. Knight were awful. But Preston Burke was a critical character of the show’s initial development. His return would really energize the show.

2. T.R. Knight’s late-run treatment. In Season 5, Knight had such a limited role in the show it was a surprise his death was such a big deal to end the season. Season 5, one of the best, could have been so much better had T.R. had a greater role.

3. Killing off George. The funeral scene was epic. But I hate when characters are killed off. I’d always like to see a George return, but unless it’s with someone else hallucinating — like Izzie did when she had a tumor — it ain’t gonna happen.
George O’Malley, MD

4. Killing off Mark. Another vitally awesome character.

5. Killing off Lexie. Same as above.

6. Izzie’s departure. It was bizarre. Does a woman really leave her husband of just a few months that quickly, only to return twice? Shonda Rhimes is a brilliant writer — but she missed out on this one.

7. Cristina’s two pregnancies. One was enough.

8. Erica Hahn. I just never liked her character — ever — from the heart transplant for Denny Duquette to her becoming head of C.T. at Seattle Grace/Mercy West. I was never more upset than when she was getting ready to rat out Izzie for her role in Denny’s transplant — but was thrilled that was her last-ever episode.

Adele Webber
9. Spinning off Addison and sending her to Cali. She was such a great character. And I never quite liked “Private Practice.” And yet, every time she made cameos on “Grey’s,” I found those episodes to be stellar. Here's hoping she makes many more cameos now that PP is over.

10. Adele getting Alzheimer’s right in the midst of MerDer’s clinical trial. Really? The chief of surgery’s wife just happens to get Alzheimer’s as one of the most prominent Alzheimer’s clinical trials is on-going at the hospital, leading to as much trouble as it did for Meredith? It was just too much. Also, getting to see Ellis Grey with Alzheimer’s was difficult enough to watch — seeing Adele going through it — and Richard for that matter — was just way too much to stomach.

What did I miss? Let me know in the comments or tweet me @kevincanessa.


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