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15 January 2013

For the love of holy hell: STFU with the complaints that there was too much pork in the Sandy relief bill

The Canessa Commentary


Editor's Note: the following commentary contains strong language that may not be suitable for all audiences. Reader discretion is advised.

Most conservatives, it seems, would just presume to leave
the roller coaster where it is because it's too expensive
to pay to remove it from the Atlantic. 
Earlier today, the House voted in favor of a bill that would bring immediate relief to the people most hard hit by Hurricane Sandy.

Of those voting, 180 members voted against the measure. It was 179 Republicans and 1 Democrat.

And immediately after —in light of criticism of  those who voted against the bill —the usual Washington grandstanding began. And it spread to Twitter and Facebook.

There are some conservatives — both elected and civilian — who say it was irresponsible for any member of the House to have voted for the bill since it contained pork.

It's as if this is the first time — ever — that there was a bill before Congress that contained pork.

I am at a point where it's intolerable to listen to these buffoons make an argument. Any American with half a brain knows pork is as much a part of a bill before Congress as a puck is to hockey or a glove is to baseball.

And while it's sickening there was, no doubt, items in the Sandy relief bill that had no business being there — I'm not going to read the bill and list specifics here — this is NOT the time for grandstanding. This is not the time for conservative nuts to be critical of pork-barrell spending.

This is not the time to pretend like this has never happened before.

Because it has — and it did — when Katrina hit.

It has — and it did — after Sept. 11, 2001.

It has — and it did — to fund a fraudulent war in Iraq.

It has — and it did — for as long as this country has been, well, a country.

If you want to bitch and moan about adding irrelevant items into bills in Congress, I'll be there to back you up — 100 percent. But I will not sit back and tolerate it when the moaning happens over a bill that will provide much-needed relief for the people of Seaside Heights, Breezy Point, Staten Island and countless other communities.

There were 180 people in Congress, nearly 100 percent of whom were conservative, right-wing nutjob Republicans — one was a moronic Democrat — who decided NOW was the best time to send a message that this Congress spends too much. There are countless other Americans who believe this is the time to bring attention to pork-barrell spending, when this is been the modus operandi for more years than can be measured.

Those people make me sick.

And I hope the people most affected by Sandy remember this, too, that in their greatest time of need — when they most needed the government to be there for them to, oh, let's say, simply get back to normal — that 180 elected officials, most of whom are conservative RWNJs, turned their backs.They said "fuck off, you worthless pieces of shit in New York and New Jersey." They said your well-being is not as important as is sending a message that the government spends too much.

These people seem to think they're the real champions here.

Try telling us something we don't already know for once.

And do not — under any circumstances — do it at the expense of people who have been hurting.

And if you don't like that? Perhaps you can do what you, the RWNJs, often tell people who get angry with out country to do whenever there's a debate over immigration — get the hell out. No one's keeping you here by force.

Sometimes, it's just plain embarrassing to be American. To think these members of Congress — and these civilians — enjoy the same citizenship that I do makes me want to vomit.

And believe me, if I had a chance to vomit, I'd almost consider looking for one of those members of Congress to puke on.

That's how despicable they truly are.

And there's no question in my mind — they'll never, ever get it.

I just hope and pray none of them — regardless of whether they're elected — ever have to face a situation where they need help from the government.

Because chances are — when that day comes — they won't be worried about pork-barrell spending for a nanosecond.

They'll only be concerned about why the government forgot about them and their loved ones.

We could only be so lucky to see that happen.


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