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23 December 2012


The year 2012 was what it was. We lived through Sandy -- and the horrors of Newtown. And yet, one thing was consistently awesome in 2012, and that was television. There have been some good new shows this year -- my list is topped by "Chicago Fire." And we said goodbye to others.

But no show was more difficult to say goodbye to, for me, than was "Flashpoint."

It was, by far, Canada's greatest TV import. It'll be hard to find other shows where the same could be said, save for "Rookie Blue," and for the younger generation, "DeGrassi." But there was just something about "Flashpoint" -- I think most viewers could relate, in some way, to at least one character, if not more -- that will make this one a tough one to not have back in the fall.

The cast is so unassuming in real life.

And for crying out loud, Sergio DiZio, who played Michelangelo Scarlotti, responds to Tweets all the time.

The show ends after five intense seasons. And there's no doubt, it goes away on an extremely high note. They really could have gotten five more seasons out of it. And if there's one recommendation I could make that you follow, it's that you check this show out if you've never seen it.

If you like believable, intense police drama, without the New York spin and attitude, I can't imagine you'd be disappointed in any way.


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