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22 December 2012


Man do I love Facebook.

Man do I love Twitter.

Wow do I hate Facebook.

Wow do I hate Twitter.

It hit me hard today. Among my 1,200 friends on Facebook -- much more so than Twitter -- are hoards of bigots and assholes. Among them are people I've never met before, and now know, for sure, I'd never want to meet.

Among those 1,200 (it's likely fewer than 1,200 now, actually) are people who absolutely don't get it that 20 children and seven adults were murdered in Newtown, Conn., on Dec. 14 -- and they don't get it that something, somehow, needs to be done to fix this.

As much as social media has been a blessing in so many ways -- hell, I met my half-sister and half-brother on Facebook for the very first time -- it's a curse, too. And as much as I appreciate the free-flow of ideas and opinions, perhaps I am just getting to old to accept that someone -- many someones -- think Wayne LaPierre, of the National Rifle Association, is a hero of some sort.

I saw his presser. You saw his presser.

A hero. Really?


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