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21 August 2011

No Hope, No Change, Despite Obama's Promises

By Kevin Canessa Jr.
Founder & Publisher 

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Remember many years ago, when George Herbert Walker Bush was running for president, and at a town-hall like meeting, someone asked him how much a loaf of bread costs? Or how much a gallon of milk costs? 

Bush wasn't able to answer the question properly. And at that very moment, he seemed extremely detached from a reality — a reality that the average American not only knows what a loaf of bread or a gallon of milk costs, but that the average American needs to know what these items cost because they often have to live paycheck to paycheck. 

The prices of simple groceries matter. And for some, getting that loaf of break or that gallon of milk makes a difference whether they also get to buy extra juice, steaks or something else considered somewhat of a "luxury."

Fast-forward nearly two decades. President Barack Obama is vacationing at Martha's Vineyard, Mass — one of the nation's most exclusive vacation spots. For 10 days, in between the security and economic briefings, it'll be sun-bathing, multiple rounds of golf, ice cream, luxurious dinners and the like — all the while as nearly 10 percent of America struggles to find a menial job for crying out loud. 

Oh how I'd bet any one of those 10 percent of Americans would die for a filet mignon that the Obamas will be chowing down on at one of the Vineyard's great steakhouses. 

Like Bush — and I detest having to admit this — Obama is totally out of touch with the reality of today's America. Some of his most ardent supporters, in the Black community, are suffering more than just about any other group of Americans. While the overall unemployment rate hovers around 10 percent, the rate among Blacks is just under 17 percent. Translated: Nearly 1 in 5 Blacks are out of work currently.

Obama was supposed to understand the needs of the people of this country. He swore up and down things would change. But here we are, nearly three years into his presidency, and we're about to enter yet another recession.

Someone suggested recently — I can't remember who it was, but I am in total agreement — that Obama nearly seems resolved that he's toast. He sees the writing on the wall, he knows he can try as hard as he can to no avail ... the economy won't be getting any better on his watch. The same person suggested he's at the Vineyard because he can be — and he's just counting down the days before his presidency ends.

I bought into the whole hopey-changy thing. But there has been no change. And, to quote Obama himself, the tone of Washington he sought to soften "has probably gotten worse" since he took office. He's absolutely right. There has never been a time, that I can recall, where Washington's tone has been this negative.

There also has never been a time where I've felt so badly about my country. I'm a part of that nearly 10 percent of Americans out of work. I've applied and applied and applied to job after job after job.

I haven't had a single interview. Not one. Since August 2009. Two years. Two long years. Not one interview, despite countless hundreds of resumes e-mailed, faxed and snail-mailed. 

Hope and change was supposed to come after the Election of 2008.

It didn't.

It won't be anytime soon.

And that, sadly, is beyond sickening. 

Do you think Hillary Clinton is regretting taking a position in this administration yet?


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