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17 July 2011

What Is Wrong With Mets Doctors?

When Johan Santana's season ended late last year, we were told that after his surgery, it would probably be May or June before we saw him pitch a Major League game in 2011. 

If memory serves me correctly, May and June have both passed us by, July is more than half done, and latest reports say we'll be lucky if we see Santana pitch at all this year.

Which begs the question: What the hell is wrong with these idiots AKA Mets doctors?

One could understand if this were the first time something of this nature never happened before with the Mets and the docs. But let's face it, this is yet another in a series of faux pas brought on by the medical staff over the years. 

Johan Santana's photo--in case you
may have forgotten how he looks.
This dates back to 2009, the season everyone wants to forget -- the first and most disastrous at Citi Field. If they said three weeks, it would wind up three months. If they said it was a day-to-day injury, you could count on at least six weeks. 

You get the picture.

Bottom line here is that it's beyond nauseating what has happened in the last three years with this medical staff. I cannot remember the last time they got something accurately. Whether it was Ike Davis's circulation-cutting foot boot, or David Wright's back or Carlos Beltran's leg, they just can't get it right.

If Mets players were civilians, and their doctors were simply residents or attending physicians at local hospitals, I can't help but wonder how many malpractice lawsuits would have been filed by now. In most fields, when you do your work improperly, you get a pink slip. Yet with the Mets, the more the doctors mis-diagnose, the more they seem to get pats on the back and encouragement to continue to do a "great job" on behalf of the organization.

It's beyond unrealistic what's happened out in Queens. Then again, just about everything that happens at Citi Field is out of the realm of the norm. So this shouldn't be all that much of a surprise.

Then again, having been told we'd actually see Johan in 2011 was very comforting last year. Maybe if he were to have come back in June, the Mets would be fewer than 7.5 games out of the Wild Card lead in the National League.

Then again, that's beyond realistic -- but it's the status-quo for a team that just can't catch a break.

Man 1986 seems like 100 years ago.

Odds & Ends

Love the NY Post
Gotta love the opening paragraph to the story that Casey Anthony was released early this AM. "Hide your children -- Casey Anthony was sprung from a Florida prison this morning." 

Women's World Cup
I have to admit -- I haven't seen a second of the tournament, but there's a side of me that wants to watch the Finals...though I doubt I will.

Until next time!