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09 July 2011

Michele Bachmann Should Be Banned

Last night, I was checking out some news sites -- including the New York Daily News -- and saw a legitimate story about presidential candidate Michele Bachmann. In the story, she says she'll ban porn and same-sex marriage if she becomes President of the United States.

Perhaps the most scary element of this story is that it's real. This right-wing nutjob would seriously consider banning porn and same-sex marriage if she were to elected to the White House.

I wonder how she plans to do this? 

In essence, she'd have to shut down the entire Internet to enforce the porn ban, considering it's easier to access than just about anything else in the world. 

As for same-sex marriage -- I wish she and her cohorts would get it through their bigoted heads that they don't have to worry about it ... no one is forcing them to marry someone of the same gender. In fact, she can stay married to her Medicaid-grubbing husband, and they can continue to take care of foster children at a ridiculously and alarmingly high rate. 

I often wonder how it is I live in the same country as some of these morons -- especially the likes of Bachmann. But then I stop to reflect and it hits home: She ain't going to the White House at all. In fact, the closest she'll ever get to the Oval Office is if she approves a White-House tour out of her Congressional office. 

Yet perhaps even scarier is that she really believes what she says -- and there are others who believer her all the same.

It is for all these reasons and nonsense that I say let's ban Michele Bachmann from everything. It'll make life so much more enjoyable.

Oh yea, and thank goodness for psychiatry.

Odds and Ends

-- Heard someone flew in for Friday night's Yanks-Rays game all the way from Sydney, Australia. Sadly, the guy only had tickets for Friday's rainout, which was rescheduled for Sept. 22. Wonder if he got in to see Jeter's 3,000th hit Saturday? Also wonder if he'll fly back for the game in September?

-- Casey Anthony. There. I said her name. Hopefully this will be the last time her name is addressed on this website. Like, ever.

-- Just heard Maria Bello, perhaps best known for playing Dr. Anna Del' Amico on "ER," will be starring in a cop drama this fall on NBC. Bello was great on "ER," and really never got to develop the way she could. She didn't even last two years on the show. Yet she was great on "ER" and I'm very happy to hear she's finally going to be back on the small screen.

-- I must sadly admit that last night, when I heard that former First Lady Betty Ford had died, that I thought she was already dead.

-- Is it hockey season yet? 

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, one and all.


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