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09 July 2011

'Combat Hospital' Not Afraid to 'Go There'

Just finished watching the third episode of ABC's Canadian-import "Combat Hospital," and I must say it has been one of the most enjoyable medical dramas I've seen in some time. It's a show that isn't afraid to hit difficult issues of war -- as it's set in Kandahar, Afghanistan in 2006. A full review of the show -- as well as another Canadian import, "Rookie Blue," is forthcoming. In the meantime, I can't suggest both shows any more than these. You will enjoy both if you like medical and cop dramas. More soon.


  1. Kev, I have not seen it but the promos made it look like a china beach ripoff. Was I wrong? Kevin Q

  2. Kev -- I will have to find that out. I never saw China Beach. This is set in 2006 in Kandahar, Afghanistan. Lots of trials and tribs of being a surgeon in the midst of a war. I'll let you know if I can get more on it being a rip on China Beach ... Hope all is well, Kevin.