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18 June 2011

Vancouver PD Using Facebook, Twitter, Youtube to ID Rioters

The riots in Vancouver the other day — among the most ridiculous of all-time riots — may go down as the first where social media helped nab perps who otherwise might have walked. Unlike previous riots, including the one on June 14, 1994, the last time their hometown Canucks lost a seventh game in the Stanley Cup Finals, there are plenty of street-level photos and videos, many of which were stupidly posted on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube ... by the perps themselves.

Police are actively asking residents to identify people shown prominently looting.

Considering the absurdity of the riots — there can't be enough arrests as far as I'm concerned.

Here's a few of my favourite photos of Vancouveraller stupidity — or are they Vancouverans? Vancouverites?.


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