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30 June 2011

The Mind-Numbing Death of a High-School Football Player

Isayah Muller,
on the right.
There he was, probably the proudest moment of his life.

Isayah Muller, at 19, was graduating from high school and was on his way to what would likely have been a couple years at Nassau (County) Community College — and then a couple of years at a Division I football powerhouse.

He promised his mother he'd take care of her and her yet unborn twin babies — he was certain, and many football people agreed — one day, he'd be in the National Football League.

But that all came to a remarkably fast halt on graduation day. 

On their way to dinner to celebrate Isayah's accomplishments, his father, Andre, realized that a bottle of cologne he bought for his son's graduation — valued at $200 — went missing. And his belief was that it had been stolen by parking-lot attendants who were "guarding" the family car during the commencement ceremony.

The Mullers returned to the lot — a fight ensued — and according to the NYPD, Andre Muller's actions ultimately led to Isayah's being stabbed to death, his father right there by his side and drenched in his sacrificial blood.

All over a $200 bottle of cologne?

As hard as it is to fathom, this isn't fiction.

This is a father with a rap sheet as long as your arm taking the law into his own hands. Instead of handling the situation like an adult and involving cops — he took the thuggish approach. And now his son, Isayah, whose future was endless, and who just hours earlier accepted a diploma that said he completed the requisite courses for high school — unlike many other teens in the Bronx — was dead.

Few stories illicit as much emotion as this one has for me. The absolute senseless nature of it all blows my mind. How anyone could become so enraged over a bottle of scented liquid begs all logic as to why.

Still, a young man is dead, his father charged with numerous weapons offenses, and a family is forever torn. One can only pray that the unborn Muller twins never have to face a fate like their brother and father have.

That would be the biggest shame of it all.

Of Note

• The Casey Anthony trial is still on-going. It's a riveting watch on the Internet, but purely annoying on TV with what seems to be more commercials than live coverage.

• The Mets have scored 30 runs in their first-two games in Detroit. It may just be time to believe in this baseball club.

• Congress has forfeited its July 4 recess because it has failed to reach an agreement on the debt-ceiling limit. Tell me again why they deserve so much damn vacation time to begin with?

• Huma Weiner is taking "time off" from both her job and husband. Boy they don't make wives like Hillary Rodham Clinton anymore do they?

• Michelle Bachmann is running for president. If you'd even consider, for a second, voting for her, may I suggest a psychiatrist or two for you to visit — like, soon?

• It must kill Yankees fans that the story of Baseball '11 in New York isn't their team — or even Derek Jeter's chase for 3,000. Instead, it's Jose Reyes and the Mets. Mostly Reyes though. If they trade him, let's just say it may end my fandom for the team. But they wouldn't trade a potential MVP candidate would they — just like they'd never trade George Thomas Seaver?

• Just learned the Jesuits are dissolving the community at my high-school alma mater, St. Peter's Prep. This shouldn't be happening under any circumstance, but it is — and it's very upsetting. My how times have changed.

• It's hard to believe we're approaching the 4th of July weekend. With that said, do enjoy it, and be safe. Until next time!


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