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11 June 2011

Mets' First-Round Pick Nimmo's Doomed for Disaster

Brandon Nimmo
Mets First-Round
2011 draft pick.
Imagine what it must be like to be either in high school or college — and knowing you're likely going to be drafted by a Major League Baseball team in the first round. If you're a first-rounder, there's a chance you go from long bus rides to privately chartered jets within a few years.

Now pretend you're Brandon Nimmo, a Wyoming teen, who was drafted by the New York Mets 13th in first-round of the draft, prior to receiving a high-school diploma. Tell you what, were I Nimmo, I'd feel like my professional baseball career already took a massive hit.

Try to think of all things in Nimmo's perspective. Every kid dreams of playing in the Bigs. But to think the Orange and Blue (and still stupidly black) drafted you probably means playing in mediocrity for a very, very long time. And even if you're Nimmo — and you develop into a Big Leaguer, chances are, given the status of this New York Mets ball club, that even if you're as good a pitcher as Tom Seaver, this organization will find a way to screw up your career beyond recognition.

Whether it's getting shitty advice from one of the team's doctors or trainers, or establishing yourself as an elite player, what kind of future do you expect in Queens?

Jose Reyes
He's probably the best player in baseball right now, yet this poor excuse for an organization is considering trading Jose Reyes.

He's a shell of his former self, psychologically damaged by the dimensions of Citi Field, but do you think Jason Bay will ever perform the way he's paid, or do you seriously think the Wilponzis (as Steve Somers calls them) will consider moving in the fences as they should have done in 2009? 

Of course not.

This is the New York Mets. What could go wrong will. And what shouldn't go wrong likely already has.

And for Brandon Nimmo, it's welcome to the Major Leagues, kid.

Bet you wish you never declared yourself eligible for the draft now, eh?


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