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18 June 2011

A Hodgepodge of Items

Earlier today, the Boston Bruins celebrated their first Stanley Cup since 1972. Estimates had more than 1 million fans lining the parade route. Whenever there's a celebration for a Stanley Cup championship, it always bothers me to a degree because my favourite sport is done for the season.

But then it usually hits me. Hard to believe it, but there are only two months throughout the entire calendar year when NHL games aren't played — July and August. Only 11 weeks after the Finals end, training camp for the following season opens. 

And with that in mind, I hope things don't get ugly with Zach Parise and the New Jersey Devils. This man is the face of the franchise — even if Ilya Kovalchuk is more of a start than he. Going to arbitration is rarely pleasant. 

But Lou Lamoriello and company can ill-afford to lose Parise. 

Should be an interesting summer.

It should also be intriguing to see who Lou ultimately winds up choosing as next head coach. This is a process that has happened all too often with this team. And aside from Jacques Lemaire, Lou hasn't exactly gotten it right of late.

The one name that keeps resurfacing is Ken Hitchcock. Only issue is that Hitchcock, to this point, has been on record saying that no one from New Jersey has contacted him yet.

On a personal note, I'd much prefer seeing Peter Doboer take the helm. The former Florida Panthers coach never had star talent in Miami, but he worked and developed some excellent young talent, especially in the likes of David Booth. 

Deboer would work well with the Devils' young kids — and with Parise, Kovalchuk and several other older, more experienced players, would be a perfect fit here. 

Which means he probably won't be the next head coach, of course.

Odds -n-ends

• My favourite TV show of all time is still "ER." Aside from George Clooney and Juliana Margulies, what ever happened to, let's say, any major star on the show? I can't remember the last time I saw Anthony Edwards, Mekhi Pfifer or anyone for that matter in any new role.

• The first episode of "HawthoRNe's" third season was the best episode of the series yet. It's going to be an excellent season. All I'll say, so I don't spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen the episode yet, is poor Christina.

• Someone the other day asked me if I've ever meet a door-to-door Jehovas Witness evangelist. The last time I did, I was working at a Catholic Church and was in the rectory when the doorbell rang. Talk about persistent. 

• If Anthony Weiner had been honest from the get-go, I still believe he would have been spared having to resign. He is (was) the one and only member of Congress I've ever admired. He's let me down, to say the least.

• Plaxico Burress spent entirely too much time in prison. I hope the day comes when someone can use Mayor Michael Bloomberg as an example — for anything other than how to run a government. 

• I'm really liking "The Mike Lupica Show" on 1050 ESPN in New York. But let's give credit where it's due — Don LaGreca makes it what it is.

• Can't wait until Derek Jeter gets his 3,000th hit — at Citi Field.

• Is there a bigger ass on the planet than Bob Raissman?

• Finally, there's talk about re-alignment in Major League Baseball, which would move one National League team to the American League, leaving each with 15 teams, and prompting an interleague series every day of the season. The top 5 teams in each league make the playoffs.

Finally, a rational solution to keeping weak division winners out of the playoffs while teams with better records watch from home.

This is long overdue, and while traditionalists don't like the idea, I can't help but hope this comes to fruition. Stagnancy and traditions often hurt sports — and many other aspects of life. Going back to division-less leagues will strengthen the playoffs and World Series — and teams that have no business in the post-season finally won't be in the post-season.

If that's a bad tradition to break, break it — next season, preferably.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Until next time.

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