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11 October 2010

Yours Truly Covering the NJ Devils for

Well, I've hardly kept it a secret that my favourite Mets blog out there is Mets Police. It's run by Shannon Shark who, like me, hates the notion that the Mets wear black uniforms — if even on the rare occasion these days. 

His site has morphed into a look at the Mets from  the eyes of cynics, sort of. And I love every second of it.

Now, Shannon has started a new site, NY Sports Police, which will look at all of the tri-state area's 9 sports teams, and I am honoured to announce I'll be the site's official New Jersey Devils writer/cynic. Click the links above to see the site — bookmark it — and come back often. It's not just because I'm part of the Sports Police that I say you're going to love it, as well as Mets Police. 

Go ahead! Give it a try.


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