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09 October 2010

Killing Me Softly in Philly

It's tough being a Mets fan these days.

Over in the Bronx, the Yankees look to sweep the Twins — again — to get back to the American League Championship Series. Then, 90 miles down the NJ Turnpike, the Phillies just came off two remarkable games against the Reds, including that incomprehensible no-hitter from Roy Halladay in Game 1.

Not sure which one is worse — but what I do know is that it looks like the Yanks and Phils are on another crash-course for the World Series. And then, the fun begins. Again.

Root for the hated cross-town rivals?

Root for the hated division-rivals?

In 2009, I rooted for the team down south.

In 2010, I hope and pray I won't need to make that decision.


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