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08 March 2010

To My Old Friends and Fans at The Hudson Line: Check Out My TV/Radio Show on

To My Old Friends and Fans at The Hudson Line and The Canessa Corner:

Wow has it been a while since last I posted here. I have to admit, I miss blogging on a regular basis, especially with the emergence of such ease of blogging with photos and video thanks to Smartphones. Alas, I haven't kept up with it -- but I did want you to know something new that I am up to.

You may have received notices yesterday with a plethora of videos from my new show, KC in 60. I began the show three months ago on an Internet Television/Radio hybrid network called Shovio. The network is the first of its kind -- and it allows broadcasters to be seen ... and it allows fans and listeners/viewers to also be seen and heard when they "shov" or call in by Webcam. Instead of the usual telephone, callers use their computers' Webcams as their means for communication with the hosts.

While there are several other broadcasting-related sites out there, this is the only one you'll find where guests and listeners/viewers get the chance to interact with the hosts. And aside from me, there are numerous other hosts, some of whom you'll no doubt remember:

• Sid Rosenberg, formerly of the Imus in the Morning program and WFAN, now of WQAM in Miami.

• Leslie Gold, the radio chick, formerly of WNEW, Q-104.3 and Sirius Satellite Radio.

• Goumba Johnny, of WKTU

• Karith Foster, formerly of the Imus in the Morning program

• Jeff Katz, a nationally-known conservative radio-show host.

• Valerie Smaldone, formerly of Lite-FM, 106.7 in New York.

There are a host of others, too ... I could go on forever.

I hope you'll stop by and  check out my show -- which runs weeknights from 7-8 p.m. EST and on weekends from 2-4 p.m. EST. Check out the other shows, too. And fret not -- if you don't have a Webcam, you can still watch. And, if you have a computer headset or mic with headphones, you can also consider calling into the shows audio-only.

Check it out today. Click here to reach Shovio on the Web. In the meantime, don't hesitate to contact me with any comments, questions, concerns. etc. Besides, I'd love to hear from you all -- it's been too long.

All My Best,
Kevin Canessa Jr.

Former Editor of The Observer
The Hudson Line

PS -- you can also watch my show live online at my personal Web site,


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