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11 March 2010

March 11, 2010 Edition of KC in 60

Kevin rants about the Jose Reyes debacle. Then, he looks at the Devils thomping of the New York Rangers Wednesday night. Also, we discuss more on the awful DeBois story from out in San Diego as Billy Slane shovs in with new details about suspect John Gardner. Finally, Scott Coscia the Intern shovs in to talk about the new trivia contest on the Radiochick Show -- a contest he invented and that left Kevin barefoot and barely dressed on Chick's show Wednesday.


  1. Kevin I am glad to see you are still in there giving it the old college try. I wish you success. shovio sounds like a good idea. Speaking o sports, I grew up next door to "Rip"Collins in Kearny and I wonder if you knew him. I know he taught at NAHS. Chris hawkins (not a sports fan just politics and human rights.