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07 August 2009

The Most Arrogant Politician in New Jersey?

He's been arrested. His salary and committee posts have been stripped of him. Yet Assemblyman L. Harvey Smith, D-Jersey City, has arrogantly and typically decided against resigning his seat in the General Assembly, The Jersey Journal reports today.

This action puts Smith at the top of our newly formed "Most Arrogant Jersey Politicians" category/list.

Smith could have done the right, honorable thing in resigning -- just as Peter Cammarano and Dennis Elwell did -- but on advice of his counsel, he decided it would be best for him, under this incredible, knock-out cloud of suspicion, to remain in office. He joins Jersey City Councilman Mariano Vega Jr. and Ridgefield Mayor Anthony Suarez as the pols who refuse to go down, even though the feds rarely, if ever, charge anyone with a crime unless they've got a clear-cut winnable case.

More info here from The Jersey Journal.


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