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13 August 2009

JFK Air-Traffic Controllers Don't Have it Easy

A couple years ago, a buddy of mine sent me this audio clip — it's of ground control at JFK in New York giving instructions to Air China Flight 981's pilot. There's a serious communication problem on the pilot's end. Yet, for years, I just presumed this was a fake — until recently.

The other day, I was listening online to the ATC at JFK — and wouldn't you know it, I recognized the voice of the ground controller. Even better, he was having communication issues, this time with a JAL pilot.

Moral of the story: These controllers are stressed beyond words, and now there's no doubt, this exchange, below, is legit. And it's kind of funny, too, but only because, thankfully, no one was hurt by this lack of understanding. Press play below to listen to this interesting exchange.


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