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17 August 2009

Artie Lange: Mayor of Hoboken?

Well it looks like the situation in Hoboken — remember Peter Cammarano? — is getting even stranger, and it doesn't involve a soul in the Hudson County Democratic Organization if you could believe it. Seems there's a grass-roots effort to get residents of the mile-square city to write in the name of Howard Stern sidekick Artie Lange for mayor when a special election takes place in November to fill Cammarano's unexpired term. Can you just see it? Tell you what — I wouldn't put it past the people of Hoboken to say, "Screw It" and actually write in Lange's name.

Even better, there's a Web site out there with instructions on how to make this happen. Of course, we're not even sure Lange is registered to vote in Hoboken, which is, naturally, a prerequisite for running for mayor. Should be interesting.

Click here to visit that Artie Lange for Mayor Web site.


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