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12 September 2008

Palin's disgraceful performance in interview with Charles Gibson signals doom if she gets elected with McCain

If there's ever been a time to question the absurdity of some Republican pundits--think Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Steve Malzberg, Bill O'Reilly--now's the time. Each of these four buffoons went on the air today and rated Sarah Palin's performance in her interview with Charles Gibson as remarkable.

Their ridiculous assessments--clouded by their already deep hatred for so many people in this country--demonstrate that no matter what a candidate says, no matter what a candidate does, the issues don't matter. Political parties do. And that's a shame.

Now please--don't write to me if you're going to complain about Joe Biden and Barack Obama. Now is not the time for that. This is solely about Palin and her underwhelming performance last night on ABC with Gibson.

There were so many instances where Palin failed abysmally that I won't even get into all of them. You can watch the video after you read this [I'll embed it below]. And after you watch the video, if you can honestly say, with a straight face, that Sarah Palin was successful and worthy in the interview, quite frankly, you should probably never come to this site again.

The vice presidential nominee didn't know what the Bush Doctrine was. She said she has national security experience because of the way she's dealt with the energy crisis in the country. She refused to answer tough questions.

And yet, she'd be one heartbeat away from being the leader of the Free World if she and Sen. John McCain are elected in November. I cannot even begin to fathom this.

Folks, today, Malzberg said he believed her broad experience in Alaska--coupled with her ability to speak well--makes her an ideal VP candidate. He said she's going to tear Joe Biden to shreds when the two debate later this month. Are you kidding me, Steve?

It blows my mind there are people in this country who think her experience governing one of the least-populated states in the union--and leading a town a quarter of the size of Kearny, N.J., has the experience and knowledge to lead this country into better times. It actually embarrasses me there are people in this country who think like this.

There has been talk about Obama being the least-experienced presidential candidate ever. This is a discussion for another day. But if you want to talk about inexperience--if you want to talk about someone who has no business being on a national ticket--you've got your gal in Sarah Palin.

What scares me even more is that she appeared beyond rehearsed in the interview with Gibson. Clearly, when she delivered her speech to the Republican National Convention a few weeks ago, she read from text prepared by people who have at least an understanding of what national government is all about.

Tell me folks--again, be honest here--do you really think Sarah Palin even understood what she was talking about in that speech? Do you honestly think a woman whose foreign travel includes trips to Mexico and Canada [next door]--all around one solitary trip to Kuwait and Iraq--has any clue what it takes to be VP? Do you really think a candidate who admittedly has never met a foreign head of state should be second in command to lead the United States of America?

This is one of the most embarrassing periods in American history. We're not even getting into the fool known as the current president. In November, the American people have a chance to elect a new president--and a new vice president.

And I'll say this with ease and without the fear of repercussions: If McCain and Palin win in November, my hope in this nation will be lost.

But I have faith that the American people are smarter than the likes of O'Reilly, Limbaugh, Hannity and Malzberg.

My goodness I better be right on this one.

Because if I am not, man will my faith in some Americans be completely shattered--forever.


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