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12 August 2008

Obama will announce Veep in text message, e-mail

Barack Obama will first announce who his vice presidential candidate will be in a text message and in an e-mail to his campaign supporters, Obama's Campaign Manager David Plouffe announced recently. Plouffe sent the following letter to Obama supporters to let them know — this is no gimmick.

People keep asking me if we're really going to announce Barack's VP directly to our supporters. The answer is yes. Let me be very clear. You are the ones who built this campaign, and Barack wants you to be the first to know who will join him in leading our movement for change. So, if you haven't signed up to receive an email or a text message,  sign up now. Or you can text VP to 62262 from your mobile phone. Make sure to forward this message to your friends and let them know about this special opportunity. Thanks, David 

This is certainly the first. If more info becomes available, we'll be sure to share it with you right here.


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