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12 August 2008

Jersey Journal report: Terrorizing employee at Hudson County Community College could cost Middle States accreditation

A scathing report in today's Jersey Journal says Hudson County Community College's Middle States accreditation may be in jeopardy because of a "terrorizing" employee who has caused a clear conflict of interest.

The report says John Shinnick, vice president of human resources and communication, has publicly berated employees — and it also says Shinnick has "undue influence and authority" at the school. And that undue influence may just cost the school's Middle States accreditation.

"Whereas civilized discourse is the norm in an academic community, at HCCC there appears to be an atmosphere of fear and intimidation that permeates all levels of administration and members of the faculty," the JJ reports about the Middle States conclusion. 

Read the entire story from the Jersey Journal by clicking here.


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