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03 July 2008

Burglary reported on Cathedral Avenue in Nutley

A Cathedral Avenue resident reported that a burglar(s) had broken into his home sometime during the past few weeks when he was away.

The burglar(s) apparently took a ladder from the backyard of his home and used it to climb up on to the garage roof. Once on the roof, the burglar(s) cut a second-floor window screen and entered the house.

Several items were stolen.

Police request that all residents secure anything burglars could use to climb on to roofs. We have had incidents with burglars using picnic tables, grills and other items as means for climbing on to roofs. Also, make sure all windows on all floors are locked.

Because many residents will be away this weekend, police will be increasing patrols. Neighbors are asked to contact police if suspicious activity is observed.


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