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26 June 2008

Obama Campaign well underway in Jersey, Rothman says

U.S. Rep. Steve Rothman, northeast regional co-chair for Obama for America, issued the following statement Wednesday:

"The Obama campaign in New Jersey is up and running. There are 10 paid Obama staffers currently in the state working on voter outreach and registration efforts. There is leased office space in Trenton, Cherry Hill and Hackensack. There are also 95 Obama Fellows operating in New Jersey today. These folks have been through an extensive training program and are working closely with the New Jersey State Democratic Committee to organize the hundreds of thousands of new Democrats generated in our Feb. 5 primary and register new voters. In the weeks to come, the campaign will be opening additional offices, bringing in more staff and appointing a New Jersey State director.

"Obama will compete vigorously for New Jersey's 15 electoral votes and be a full partner with Senator Frank Lautenberg's campaign and our other important races across the state. Stay tuned for more news to come."


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