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22 June 2008

Family of paralyzed Kearny man needs your help

I received this e-mail from Kearny Board of Education member David Stevenson today and thought I would share it with you. It's a sad story about Vic Muniz, a 2004 graduate of Kearny High School, who was left paralyzed after a freak accident a few days ago after one of the horrible storms that swept through the area. Additionally, embedded in this post is a video from about Vic. Click here to read the full story. Thank you, also, to Manny Ventoso for bringing attention to this story.

Two weeks ago, we had a bad storm roll into Kearny. Vic Muniz, a former Franklin School student and 2004 Kearny High School graduate, was exiting the basketball court in West Hudson Park. A tree fell on Vic and broke his neck. Vic is paralyzed from the waist down, and his doctors are telling him that he will never walk again. Vic has refused to accept that and has vowed to walk again. Watch the attached video of Vic's first day of therapy at Kessler and you will hear that determination. His family has limited resources. Vic's friends are planning some fundraising events to help him and his family. I will continue to e-mail notices of those events. Right now, they are selling wristbands inscribed with "Strength Will Overcome V.M." to help with immediate needs. To get a wristband, call 201-232-4721.

— David Stevenson

Hope for Man Paralyzed by Storm


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