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29 June 2008

Corzine recall effort will likely fall short

GLEN RIDGE — An effort to recall Gov. Jon S. Corzine from office, one that was spearheaded by former Glen Ridge Mayor Carl Bergmanson, will likely fall short, Bergmanson said today.

In order for the recall effort to have been successful, Bergmanson — a self-professed Whig — and his team of volunteers, would have had to collect 1.2 million signatures and 400,000 notarized petitions. Bergmanson had said from the beginning the effort would be a challenge since the state legislature all but made it impossible for a sitting governor to be recalled.

Despite not being able to recall Corzine, Bergmanson says he comes out a winner since the governor has already had to back track on some of his recent proposals.

"We have put some pressure on the governor, which has helped force him to back off some of his really bad proposals, so I already consider the effort a success," Bergmanson said.

A few months ago, we interviewed Bergmanson live on Blog Talk Radio. To hear the interview, click the play button below.

Bergmanson says he'll continue to collect petitions until the very last day before they're due to the state in July.


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