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25 June 2008

4th of July tips from the Nutley Fire Department

Despite the state ban on the use of fireworks, Commissioner Alphonse Petracco, director of public safety, is extending a warning to all citizens intent on participating in traditional holiday festivities this Fourth of July. Petracco recently pointed out the obvious and not-so-obvious implications of citizens using fireworks on their own.

“With the summer months, there’s dry conditions," he said. "Especially around now, fireworks are extremely hazardous."

Deputy fire Chief Mark Guiliano says the smaller firecrackers cause the most problems, both outside and around the home.

“Bottle rockets have caused a lot of gutter fires where the rocket will get caught in the eaves of houses and start fires. Of course, they are illegal, but many people use them on their own. We get a lot of brush fires around this time that are caused by people setting off fireworks,” Guiliano said.

Only “caps” for a cap gun are legal for sale and use in New Jersey.

There has been an increase in vandalism to municipal and private property from fireworks. Residents are urged to call 9-1-1 if they see fireworks being used or sold.

You may prevent an injury or property damage, possibly your own.

New Jersey residents are prohibited from having fireworks shipped to their home, possessing, using and of course selling them. Parents should always check packages delivered to their home and monitor their child’s room for any type of fireworks or other illegal material. Purchasing fireworks in other states and transporting them in your car is illegal and very dangerous.


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