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20 May 2008

Ted Kennedy has brain tumor

U.S. Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., has a malignant brain tumor, the cable news networks are reporting.

Kennedy was taken the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston over the weekend, after he apparently suffered two seizures.

News of Kennedy's tumor has hit people in the greater Boston area very hard, including Amy Shea, of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

"People are in shock," Shea said. "My dad called me at work to tell me. Kennedy is such a big name in politics and even bigger in Boston. But on Saturday when they said he had two seizures, my immediate reaction was ... brain tumor. I, personally, am a big fan of Teddy. He is a great guy who goes to bat for the average citizen. He is the patriarch of this family, so I do not know what will happen now."

The normal course of treatment for malignant glioma, which Kennedy has, includes aggressive radiation and chemotherapy. Surgery is also an option, but reports say further test must be done on Kennedy before a decision on a course of action can be taken. Survival rates, according to the American Medical Association, can be less than a year in advance stages, and as long as five years in less advance cases.

As more news becomes available, we'll bring it to you right away.


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